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One of a Kind Antique hand painted on Silk Paper, Mughal Painting, Indian Painting 20 inches in Length 10 Inches in Height, Painting over 20 years old

DESCRIPTION Decorate Your Home And Office Walls With These Paintings From The Royal Land Of Artistry Rajasthan. The Hills And Valleys, Deserts, Palaces And Forts, Gardens, Court Scenes, Procession And Those Highlighting Scene From Mughal Life Are The Recurrent Themes Of These Paintings. These Paintings Are Antique Ones As These Are Made By Famous Artists on good quality Leaf Papper During King's Era Painting.

  • One of a kind Mughal Painting on Silk Paper
  • This painting comes unframed
  • Painting Size 20 Inches in Length 10 inches in height
  • Beautifully customize your home with this one of a kind painting that can be all your own with no duplicates.